Have you ever passed gas that made a loud sound? Of course you have! Unfortunately the sound coming from your backside provides a warning for those within ears reach. This loud obnoxious sound gives your victims plenty of time to evacuate the premises..... Until Now!
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Now you can catch them off guard and deliver your weapons of ass destruction in a silent but deadly manner.  

The FM-1000 Fart Mufflers are designed to muffle your farts, preventing the unsuspecting from taking counter measures such as escaping your gaseous fumes and avoiding that one deadly whiff.  

(One Size Fits All)

Flatulators of all ages and sizes can use the FM-1000.  It's unique design allows one size to fit all.  Application instructions and methods of attack are included.  

NOTE: If you have hemorrhoids  please consult  your doctor before use.

 FM-1000 Is Your Personal
Bio Hazard Delivery Device

This novelty gag item comes complete with hilarious instructions and will make anyone with a good sense of humor laugh ( a great gift for that flatulent person in your life ).
 Warning: Do not  insert  muffler into you anus.  The Fm-1000 is a Gag Novelty Item and is not intended for practical use.

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The Wisecrack Fart Contest 
and Comedy Show

If you would like us to host a fart contest
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The Wise Crack Fart Contest and Comedy Show.  Wise Crack is a 2 -3 person show that involves the audience and a winner takes the pot, prize contest, 
Sponsored by: FM-1000 (Fart Muffler) LG Enterprise.
Please take a moment to to view my web site blog.  http://fm-1000.blogspot.com/
Contact ZOGO: FartMufflerContest@gmail.com 
Thank you
Lorenzo Gonzales,
LG Enterprise
Beaverton, Oregon

The FM-1000 is Eco friendly, safe and constructed of 100% natural materials.

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